Make video ‘go viral’

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The idea of content saturation is something that we keep re-visiting – the sheer volume of media flying around online, via Smartphones and other amateur devices, means that anything now considered ‘viral’ will probably only hang around in our consciousness for a few hours. Websites like Mashable and Huffington Post…

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What’s new for 2014?

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With the new year well underway, the Creative Example team are firing on all cylinders, with several client projects in production, including a new mobile app, an augmented reality project and a number of video & event activities. Make the most of your digital marketing toolkit in 2014 We discuss…

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How to increase traffic to your website.

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This isn’t a standard digital marketing article to generate website traffic by spending money on SEO, PPC, banner ads and affiliate marketing – although all those techniques are useful. This is about looking at your website and your potential market in a different way. Marketing is about identifying a problem…

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